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What is Stem Cell Therapy?

Stem cell therapy is a promising branch of regenerative medicine with the potential to treat an array of conditions. Used to repair damaged cells and reduce inflammation, this breakthrough treatment can mitigate the symptoms of traumatic injuries, autoimmune diseases, Multiple Sclerosis, and more.

Although stem cell treatment is not a cure, it does offer an alternative to traditional treatments, paving the way for the body to heal itself.


We all carry stem cells in our bodies as adults in small numbers. But they are far more prevalent in utero as they play a vital role in human development. Stem cells can transform into other types of cells or differentiate. Because of this unique capability, they are often known as the building blocks of life. Stem cells can take the form of bone, cartilage, neural, muscle, corneal, and skin cells.

Recent advancements have allowed physicians to isolate stem cells and activate them within the body to treat a variety of conditions. They do this by extracting stem cells from bone marrow, fat tissue, umbilical cord tissue, placental tissue, or umbilical cord blood. They can then be administered into the spinal cord (intrathecal), through intravenous administration, or directly at the site of the impacted area.


Stem cells have the innate ability to regenerate and differentiate. This allows them to bond with damaged, diseased, or inflamed tissues in a variety of areas. Stem cells cause a phenomenon known as the paracrine effects. This effect triggers communication between stem cells and existing cells in order to change their behavior. Essentially, this cell-to-cell communication encourages existing cells to replace the damaged ones.


Stem cell therapy, or regenerative medicine, can help alleviate symptoms from a variety of conditions. As we discussed, stem cell presence prompts the repair response of injured, diseased, or dysfunctional tissue. This leaves a lot of room for the power of stem cell differentiation to assist a broad range of individuals.

The medical use of stem cell therapy runs the gamut from minor pain relief to major reconstruction of damaged cells. One of the most intriguing uses is the possibility of lab-grown cells cultivated to replace damaged organs and tissues. This can help restore the functionality of organs or even restore fragile bones brought on by osteoporosis.

There are many cancer patients that can benefit from stem cell therapy too. Chemotherapy or radiation decimates the blood-forming stem cells in the human body. These are vital in creating more platelets, red, and white blood cells. Stem cell therapy can be especially useful to those suffering from leukemia or lymphoma.

Stem cells can also be an effective treatment for chronic pain. They work to reduce inflammation and regenerate tissue to address the underlying cause of pain. This can be an excellent option for those with rheumatoid arthritis, nerve damage, or connective tissue injuries.

At Parker Sports Medicine, we specialize in regenerative medicine to treat chronic pain brought on by sports injuries and other orthopedic ailments.


Regenerative medicine is a state-of-the-art procedure that can reengineer tissue affected by sports injuries or other orthopedic issues. At Parker Sports Medicine and Orthopedics, we harvest stem cells directly from the patient from either adipose (fat) tissue or bone marrow from the iliac crest (pelvis). This process is minimally-invasive and requires only a short period of recovery.

Here are some additional benefits to keep in mind:

  • It’s a minimally-invasive procedure
  • You can avoid the potential complications and risks of surgery
  • The post-procedural recovery time is short
  • There is no use of general anesthesia
  • There is no risk of rejection since we use biologics extracted from the patient
  • There is no risk of communicable disease transmission
  • The procedure will provide pain reduction
  • The procedure will provide increased mobility and function
  • The procedure will provide a higher quality of life


If you’re in the Amarillo, Texas area, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information on this incredible solution to your orthopedic pain. We specialize in joint pain, pediatric injury, sports-related injury, and work-related injuries. Get in touch today to see if regenerative medicine is the solution you’ve been searching for!

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